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State of Play

Our Home remains COVID free since going in to lockdown at the beginning of March and we have put robust infection control protocols in place to keep everyone safe. All our staff wear masks throughout their shifts and along with residents their temperatures are recorded daily and oxygen saturation levels monitored.


Our weekly emails to our residents’ loved ones and our staff have proved an important way for us to keep in touch during these anxious times. The updates are in part made up of the week’s news but mostly to give some assurance as we enter the weekend that all is well and update everyone as to our progress.


Since March we’ve met regularly with residents and staff to discuss the reality of COVID19 and the challenges it represents to all of us. Residents were and remain incredibly understanding, wanting nothing more than to do their bit – a huge sacrifice on their part in not being able to see their loved ones. We’ve been humbled by their extraordinary spirit and strength.

Our staff have been as committed as ever, we’ve kept them regularly updated with best practice and our evolving protocols which have kept us 6 – 8 weeks ahead of the government’s advice!

As it stands, our policy on visitors will remain steadfast until we are able to offer our residents, their loved ones and our staff robust reassurances that the risks of infection are not only minimal but should it ever be required, there is a realistic way of containing, treating and supporting anyone suspected of the virus. In the meantime, and in addition to phone calls, WhatsApp is in place – an invaluable way of providing some form of visual contact with loved ones.

Gardening Club

Being blessed with such glorious weather there’s been no better time to get busy in our garden. Our weekly gardening club has proved very popular with residents and it’s lovely to see how keen they are to get out each day and tend to the quickly growing plants.

Assumptions and Hardcore Rap

Never assume……. A few weeks ago, I walked past one of our resident’s room which had hardcore rap blaring out. It was one of our lovely ladies and she was sat in her chair looking out of the window – I was surprised no one had attended to this! Over the banging rap I asked if she would like me to put on radio 3 or perhaps 4, her reply surprised me – “no, no, no I like this”, are you sure? “yes, yes, I like it” – so there you go, never assume!

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  1. Tracey

    What a fantastic idea a shop is I know my nan loves this

  2. Tracey

    I would like to say what a fantastic job you have all done and continue to do during COVID I speak for the family too, knowing our Nan Is if a safe place is so reassuring , We know that when you feel the time is right to visit safely you won’t hesitate to inform us , Thank you For all you are doing.

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